Free Packages, No Charges

Yesterday (1 June 2015) I was visited by Mr. Postman. He brought me 2 postmail packages, one magazine and one heavy package. I was so excited and very anxious to open the packages. image The first one is the newest edition of Travel Portland magazine, I got it free (yes! zero charges) by visiting . It is a free guide magazine provide by private non-profit marketing organization based in Portland and for your information, Portland is the largest city of Oregon, U.S,  and often awarded as the greenest city in America so its very interesting to know more by reading it and I can imagining already there, enjoy reading many book at Powel’s Book, touring by bicycle around the city, then eating my favorite and delicious big doughnut from Voodoo Doughnut and bring it to sightseeing Portland Japanese Garden. Aaaaa… I really want to make my wild imagination come true.

The second package I got by zero charges was from KSA. Consist of many books, more than 10 books in English, and some books in Bahasa with various genre talking about Islam. The books are so easy to understand, even in English. I am very happy just by reading the title of each books, and can’t wait to “eat” all of it to fulfill my book fetish.😆 For you who curios how I get this free package with no charge, you can visit and follow the instruction.imageimage

Actually you only allow to choose 5 books you want (from so many books list they have), but after you get the package you will get more than five books, with bonus GIFT books in your mother tongue (how generous they are). But you have to make sure that you will acknowledge by reading and take a good lesson from it. They (Abha Cooperative Center) able to run this project because they have some benefactor. I wish Allah the Almighty always guiding us until the end of the world to achieve His jannah. Amiin.

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