kontemplasi angka 2

Saya merasa sangat berbahagia, bersyukur sekaligus terharu untuk mampu menulis hal ini. Kontemplasi angka 2, mungkin akan lebih sempurna bila saya menyebutkan kontemplasi 2 digit angka 2. Yeah, after i passed my 21st without many obstacles, now im [already] facing my 22nd. I must be grateful to Alloh Subhanahuwata’ala for His hospitality, generous and everthing that He gave to me till now. For my silly father who made a lot of laugh at home, my best beauty and chubby mother for her morning shock, my annoying brother that i love so much, my sister-in-law for her kindness and the sound she made every weekend, thank you for understanding me all the time, to let me fly far away, to let me knew many experiences by myself. Ahh, rasanya menjalani fase baru itu suatu hal yang mendebarkan.

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